Just in case it's not obvious, our show is a parody of Ancient Aliens, UFO Hunters, Unsealed Alien Files, plus other Discovery, History, Science,
and Military Channel shows and movies about Roswell, Area 51, the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, aliens, chupacabras and the Loch Ness monster.
We have unabashedly ripped off stories, plot devices, characters and concepts wherever we felt it was appropriate to do so.

Dick Hedley

Dizzy Simon.com

Vertigo Jones.com

Dimitri Georgiopolopolous

as we investigate

Flight 19
Will County Rectangle
Tinley Park
Roswell landing
UFO over O'Hare
Local Chupacabras
Brandon Locks Monster
The Hot New Investigative Series

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Mission Statement

The TMIS mission is to investigate and solve the billions and billions of mysteries in the universe, wherever they occur: ashore, afloat, in cyberspace, and IN THE AIR.

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Friday, October 28, 2011


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