After spending so much time on the road and meeting new people,
I decided that I wanted to get to know more.
More about the people,more about the places they had been
and mostly more about some of the amazing sites they had seen.
Now I get that chance.

Dizzy started out traveling throughout the US with a traveling circus, doing animal cleanup and other odd jobs. One day she witnessed a very interesting woman interview her traveling family. It was at that moment she knew who and what she wanted to be - a Reporter, and she has been a valuable asset ever since.

Thought to be American Indian, Italian, English and Gypsy !
Raised in the suburbs of Chicago Went to Elementary, Jr High
and High School in Suburbs of Chicago

Studied at
Full Sale Online University of New Medial Journalism
Master of Arts Degree program.
Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Media
After 3 long years graduated Ranked 99 out of 100, Class of 2002.

Spent MANY years trotting all over the world looking for a way to make a name for herself and get into the business and found just the right man to help make that dream come true.
Has been working as an investigative reporter ever since.

Currently working for The Mystery Is Solved with fellow investigators
Dick Hedley and Vertigo Jones investigating strange occurrences
throughout Will County, Illinois and surrounding communities.

Hobbies...Hanging out with Family & Friends, Making home movies, Meeting new people, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, 4 wheeling, Flippy Cup Champ, Paintball, Cooking, Water Sports, Scrap booking, Modeling, Beer Pong.

Dizzy Simon Wants to Know!

Every day is a new adventure for a girl that wants all the answers to the unknown.

One would never believe all the mysteries right here in our own back yard.
It's up to Dizzy, Dick and Vertigo not only to find them all, but to bring you the answers.

Here at TMIS,
Dizzy has investigated Aliens and Corn Stalks, the Brandon Locks Monster, and many other strange occurrences.

Always on the lookout for the next BIG story. Dizzy is on the move looking for the answers to the questions that many want the answers to, but are too afraid to ask.

"One day she hopes to Solve all those Mysteries"

Background Info

Some say she was left
on the door step by Gypsies

MA in Arts
BA in Broadcast Media

Life Long Dream:
Win The Lotto

Things That Amaze Me:
God & The Human Race

My Motto:
Motto, whats a motto...
Nothing what's a motto with you !!!

Favorite Quote:
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." ― Mae West

Soft Spot:

Pet Peeves:

My Heroes:
My Parents,
My Siblings,My Hubby,
My Children & My Nieces and Nephews

Thanks for taking the time to Check me out !
Much Love, Dizzy

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