I am drawn toward travel and philosophy, and I enjoy social contacts,
meeting new people and exploring other cultures.
The pursuit of wisdom and search of meaning
are just as important as new places and experiences.


When she's not bringing you the latest headlines and talkers,
she's working other sources and stories to try to bring outside context to news here in the Will County Rectangle and around the world!

Vertigo grew up riding horses in Sekse, Norway.
And being from a military family, her love for adventure and the unknown began at a very early age.

Vertigo got her first job before even graduating from college in Arizona. She traveled in Africa researching bizarre rituals and traditions. Yes, she is a Wildcat... but she doesn't mind cheering-on the home team.

Vertigo worked her way up from high school intern
to weekend assignment editor and reporter
at KUKU News in Tucson.

She also participated on the D.U.M.B research team in Arizona & Nevada, and consulted for the BCD news magazine overseas. She has freelanced as a model and has even been known to be in a few commercials.

VERTIGO.. In Search Of Higher Mind...

Spent time in the Wudang Mountains, China
Which for 100 of years has been regarded as a mystical mountain throughout the dynasties. While spending time at the Wudang Academy and taking special care to the Taoist monasteries. Vertigo was perfecting her skills in martial arts and of course, there is always her research!

Her insights to the mind, body and soul have been taken to a whole new level...

Vertigo has been drawn to martial arts for as long as she can remember. She is a proud member of the American Okinawan Karate Association, AOKA.

She started when she was a young girl; studying Isshinryu, Judo and taking a special liking to the Bo and Sais! Vertigo's dedication and hard work attracted the attention of Chuck Norris, which led to more intense personal training. Vertigo has competed in many tournaments over the years, competing in Kata, Sparring, and Weapons. She even took First in Kata and Second in Sparring at the AOKA Grand Nationals!

Here at TMIS,
Vertigo brings her own personal experiences, passion for the unknown, and tenacious ways to the team.

She brought you the story of fireballs and Dax & Maggie!
Vertigo broke the story about local Chupacabras - not leaving out her own pain! Her investigation resulted in an apology from the legendary R220 himself, and his admission that Chupacabras are their lost pets looking for their way home.

She never stops researching and locating new leads from home and afar. Vertigo is always on the prowl for new information There's no place in the universe she won't go! Vertigo loves meeting new people every day.
She believes everyone has a story!

When Vertigo is not covering the stories, she enjoys adventure, flying, horseback riding, exotic places, fast cars and spending time with her big cat Izzy.

True - the alien story...

Mark Peal - Peal's Auto Repair
Theodore & Raynor, Joliet

Sekse, Norway (Hordaland)
Came to USA as young child

MA in Broadcasting
BA in Biological Science

Life Dream:
Travel through space

Things That "Awe Me"
Total Eclipse, Red moons, oceans, lightning storms

Soft Spot:
Furry Critters

Albert Einstein, Wudang Mountains, Valentina Tereshkova, Nostradamus, Dimitri Georgiopoloplous, Peter Jennings, Anne Frank, Shooting Stars and Sunsets.
Truth, Our World and Beyond.

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